The Society For The Prevention of Natural Causes

Cleetus and Autry are raising money for the Society for the Prevention of Natural Causes. More people die from natural causes than any other disease.  It's a real killer. 


They stomp around events, festivals and fundraisers stopping people and explaining the seriousness of Natural Causes and giving them the opportunity to donate to this very worthwhile charity.

Cleetus takes his mission seriously, all of his family have died of natural causes and he wants to put an end to it. Autry plays along, however she is far more interested in finding a husband who aint her cousin.

Cleetus brings out his guieeetar and sings hobo songs from the American depression while Autry tries to impress with her interpretive dance.  Unfortunately Autry's dancing puts you in mind of a wasp that's trapped in a spiders web. This frustrates the musically talented Cleetus and leaves the audience weeping with laughter and keeping their change in their pockets. 

They don't think they're rednecks but the last time they mowed their lawn, they found their car!