Daff(t) and Narcissus the Comedy Banana Walkabout

Dr Palfi and his banana camera phone wanders through the festival aided by his Uncaring Care Worker, Nurse Narcissus, spreading hilarity in their wake. Dr Palfi spends his time talking on his banana, being lost and stopping people to take their picture with his banana, Nurse Narcissus spends her time making sure they don't look like they're having too much fun. 

They build up crowds of people to be in the photograph that Palfi's planning on taking with his ahem... 'camera phone' and create quite a spectacle and experience for the festival goers (who can, in some cases, remain scarred for many years after the event). 

Some call it 'performance art', some call it 'very silly people', everyone calls it 'Hilarious'. 

Booked at Glastonbury for the second year running, Dr Palfi and Nurse Narcissus have been mentioned in many festival guides as the comedy act to find and watch (and then run away from!) 

Dr Palfi and Narcissus love performing at big festivals, little festivals, council fun days, fetes, parks, weddings and funerals. Give us a call and chat to us about your event.