The Really Dangerous Safety Show


THE REALLY DANGEROUS SAFETY SHOW goes down a treat with children and adults alike. Dr Palfi arrives with his huge bag of tricks and no one ever knows what he's going to bring out next! What can be promised is it will be hilarious and he will incorporate as many children in the audience as possible to make sure everyone has the best time they've ever had at a show.


He may attempt to demonstrate, with masses of assistance and advice from volunteer junior practitioners from the audience how to perform the most dangerous tricks in the universe such as the handling of invisible Mexican jumping fleas or the balancing of the world's tallest umbrella on his chin or he may introduce everyone to the world's largest balloon or even get all the children in the audience to join his impromptu orchestra. If you're really lucky he may even prove the dangerous and exploding nature of ordinary drinking water. Great fun promised!

Whilst adults appreciate the verbal gags, the children are desperate to get on stage to assist the apparently vulnerable Palfi, who fails to perform 'dangerous' tricks like catching keys and whose sore back means he is unable to pick up the litter he (repeatedly) drops.