This is just the information that may be useful to you and help you be nice to us.

Our normal act for a day is 2 x 45 minute shows or walkabouts at festivals and events or 3 x 30 minute or 1 at theatres. If you want more or less just tell us because it will help us price it right.

The reason we don't do all day is because it's impossible to stay in character for an entire day and also your crowd will get bored of seeing the strange people incessantly. Impact is good and they are happier being left wondering.

We have risk assessments, insurance, Equity membership and all that stuff. Please just ask.

We really do like having a dressing room, preferably filled with champagne, dolly mixtures and dancing dogs however if you don't have anywhere for us to get changed please let us know so that we can arrive in costume or make some other arrangements.

If you have any other queries please get in touch and we can fill you in.