Here are interesting websites belonging to people I like, or who happen to be blackmailing me. The very brilliant Helen Sloan took most of the pictures taken at the Belfast Festival of Fools that you've already seen and admired. If you haven't seen them why not???? Go and look at them now! The excellent video artist and magician Alex Dunne near Belfast edited and shot the cabaret film of me performing at The Waterfront Hall in Belfast and edited the video of The Really Dangerous Safety Show performed at the Gigglefest in Birmingham's main library. An entire 50 minute video of the show shot by the astounding Nik Fisher is available. is the best puppet show I've seen, ok I've only seen one, but really that's because if I see another one it'll just disappoint me.  It won't be as brilliant as Noisy Oyster. They have several great puppet shows including Dangerous Dave, Shadow Puppets and brilliant walkabouts. is the photographer you need, the photographer that will make your life easier and much more fun!